8 ball pool life hacks

8 Ball Pool Hacks & Life Hacks Review

8 Ball Pool is without any doubt the most famous pool game out there – and as numerous as the players are the hacks you can find out there.

So what I did was taking a look at them and testing them out myself to give you an overview and save your time trying them out yourself (and maybe even put your account at risk).

I found out some life hacks that use the game mechanics and that you can use without any problem because they simply use the game mechanic in 8 Ball Pool – in the lower section I have also those that are not really fair play and require 3rd party software (educational only)

Life Hacks in 8 Ball Pool – Make Sure To Use Them

Let’s start my review with the life hacks that you can use and that are very helpful.

Life Hack #1 – Use The Marks At The Table

Here and there you will need to use bank shots to not give your opponent a penalty – often times the only way to touch your color first. In the beginning, this is often a guessing game and you will miss a lot more often than you hit.

marks 8 ball pool table

Well, there’s a handy life hack and it’s quite obvious (if you know it) – simply take a look at the marks that every table in 8 Ball Pool has (s. image). This will make it a lot easier for you to know where to hit the bank.

Life Hack #2 – Don’t Get Broke

This one here is a good one because it can save you a lot of time – if you always play the highest game room possible with the coins you have, chances are really high that you can lose everything. Then you have to start playing the very low game rooms like London or Syndey again to go back to the room you played.

This takes time and doesn’t make a lot of fun – the life hack to prevent this is really simple: don’t play any game room when you have less than 5 buy-ins for it. When you have  less, play the lower game room until you have the 5 buy-ins.

Believe me, this will save you from a lot of trouble and also give you more coins in the long run because you don’t have to farm the low game rooms in case you’re on a losing streak ????

Life Hack #3 – Best Break

If you got to break you have the first move and a huge advantage in 8 Ball Pool – don’t give that away by just slamming the white into the other balls and hope for the best.

There are several great breaks out there, but here’s my favorite one:

my favorite break in 8 ball pool

What you do is set the white on the same level as the upper mark (see the red arrow). Then you target the second ball on the upper side and move the aim to have a 45-degree angle (like shown in the image above).

Now you will set a full backspin and full force hit the white ball.

Normally you will get 1-2 balls in the pockets and can choose the color and all other balls are evenly spread on the pool table giving you a nice head start over your opponent 🙂

great break result

This is what you will normally see as a result from this break 🙂

Life Hack #4 – The Lucky 8 Cue

There’s a cue with nice stats that you can’t get in the game but with this tip you can… The Lucky 8 Cue is only available if you open the game at miniclip.com (not mobile app) and use the spin and win. Just do that once per day to make sure you have the best chances to get  it 🙂

lucky 8 cue spin and win

Cheats & Hacks in 8 Ball Pool – Caution

Now let’s have a look at the hacks that require you to use third party tools, ones that are not available in the game and might put your account at risk, so only use at own caution.

Hack #1 – Coin Generator

There are many websites out there that promise you to add as many coins to your 8 Ball Pool account as you want – simply enter your account name and the number of Coins you want and it will start connecting to your game account.

8 ball pool unlimited coins

After a short time, you will get asked to verify that you’re not a bot by finishing a survey or downloading a free app. I personally wasn’t able to get it to work but there are several videos out there that prove that they work, so maybe it was just me not being smart enough ????

Hack #2 – AimBot

The aimbot will improve your aiming line – you probably know how short it is when you start and even with 1 cue that has a 10 aiming stats you will not see the exact spot where the ball will aim to.

This is where this bot comes in and as you can see, it is really helping:

8 ball pool aim bot

Please keep in mind that this hack will violate any form of fair play and is not allowed to be used!

Hack #3 – AutoPlay Bot

There’s also a bot that will automatically play matches for you to hopefully earn you coins while you can do whatever you want at the same time.

8 ball pool bot

To be honest, the autoplay is not that good and can only beat very low opponents! In my tests in the Jakarta room, it lost actually 75% of all games so I wouldn’t you to recommend it plus it’s not allowed.



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